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‘Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados’ available soon!

Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados


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by | 23 October 2013 · 3:06 pm

My new book is available now!

Well here it is, my new book Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat: Through the French Canals to Spain
There are more details of the book and how to BUY NOW for Kindle at just £0.97 ($1.54) and paperback £5.57 ($8.99) in the Books section!  There is also a FREE preview available on the Amazon sites.

A true account of a yachting trip from Canvey Island in England, across the English Channel, through the French Canals, and on to the Costa del Sol, southern Spain.

Living in Johannesburg, and then Cape Town with three children, a dog, a parrot and three hamsters was busy and exciting enough, but it was here that the idea was born to build a 33′ yacht and sail the seven seas.

Brian, my husband, first realised he must have a yacht when he picked up a yachting magazine one night when on duty at the NASA satellite tracking station at Hartebeesthoek, Johannesburg where he worked. It was the night of the Apollo 13 space probe to the moon so was very memorable.

Moving to Cape Town compounded the issue. We stood on the docks watching preparations for the Cape to Rio yacht race – how exciting it all seemed and what a challenge to be part of the yachting fraternity. With three children to be educated, animals to feed, and a house to buy and maintain in the United Kingdom,  I thought our dream might be impossible.

But it happened!

Look out for the  forthcoming new books by Eugenie following on the success of Two Shades of Black and Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat:

  • Vino Tinto, Villas and Sailing
  • Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados
  • Spanish Fantasy
  • Tears of Shame

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