Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat: Through the French Canals to Spain

“Vino Tinto Villas and Sailing is a delightful book that is well written. It has really helpful information about the difficulties and fun of selling real estate in international markets, and it gives a lot of insight into the people who buy and sell. It is a book that anyone could enjoy, and is educational about starting out on ones own. She depicts her characters with warm humor, and gives so much interesting information about the history and architecture that she encounters.”

Sally Sternung, Florida USA

“The book was great, evocative and tempting to emulate. But I think I’ll just hire for a couple of hours when we get to the Canal du Midi… can’t wait!”

J. Adrienne Pyke, West Country, England

“I live near a Marina in Spain and meet many “Yachties”, so I can relate to the adventure that Eugenie and her husband undertook. Even though I am not a boat person, I found this a very entertaining read. To undertake such an adventure 30 odd years ago, without the benefits of modern technology [ mobile phone] or the option of a cheap flight back home, must have been a daunting task! The tales of people met along the way break up the narration of the journey, often with added humour. Once started I had to finish this book, add it to you ‘summer reading’ list!”

Mark Davey, Spain

“This book is a lovely window on a different time and I wonder how things would have changed if the same journey were undertaken today…”

Jacqueline Brown, The French Village Diaries
[Full Review]

“My Christmas reading list included this splendid tale of a small boat making a slow passage south through the French canals and eventually westwards along the coast of Spain. It has to be emphasized that this took place in the ’80’s at a time when GPS and all the fancy instruments we now take for granted were not freely available to “yachties”. I have sailed this coast in recent years and it was refreshing to read of the unspoilt ports this yacht visited. Today it is all very different. Well done, Eugenie C. Smith.”

Tom Foote, s/y “Picnic”, Almerimar

“I have read it and enjoyed it. It was easy reading, but gave me a real and interesting account of your ‘adventure’. From insight into the living of local people, to the history of various places you visited.”
Well done Eugenie.”

Joan Leonard, Caldicot, Nr Newport Gwent

“I got your book Eugenie and I read about the big ship heading towards your yacht in the dark when you had no wind and no engine. I followed you with interest along the route brave ‘ipi ‘n tombia’ took and a lot of the places, cities and anchorages I know well. Your book reminds me of a very nice time in my life.”

Jochen Werner (long distance sailor), Almerimar, Spain

“A very enjoyable and easy read book, light hearted, fun witty with challenges. An ideal read for anyone interested in travelling around France and Spain by boat, as it gives useful tips and a very good idea of the cultures.”

Desiree Harto, Yorkshire, UK

“As a lover of French and Spanish lifestyle, food, and culture, Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat was an ideal choice for me.  I enjoyed the journey through interesting French villages from the perspective of the water – so many books talk about house moves or restorations, but this was a refreshing change.  The Spanish element moves the story on, and if anything ends a little too soon for my liking.  Here’s hoping for a follow-up!”

Caroline Spence, Raya Films of London

“I loved the book. It will be such a great book for travellers, particularly ‘boat people’… a great job in describing the culture, scenery and friendships formed with people from lots of countries. I think it will stir up interest in sailing, even for landlubbers.”

Sally Sternung, Gulf Breeze, Florida USA

Two Shades of Black

“I bought it, read it and enjoyed it.”

Bob Malanga, USA

“Congratulations on your book. It is great and gives an interesting perspective on how one’s country of ancestry can influence a people for generations.”

Sally Sternung, Florida USA

“I finished Two Shades of Black yesterday, once I got started I had to finish it. A moving story. I look forward to discussing it with you in the future.”

Mark Davy, Almerimar, Spain

“Racism is very much in the public domain and this book will benefit students wishing to know about the problems of racism during the time of the rioting in the USA and the Biafran war. I do feel that this can have mass appeal.”

Writers Literary Agency USA

“What a splendid read Two Shades of Black is. A fascinating story well told and with lots of real life drama and a surprise ending. Your descriptions of Nigeria are almost as good as a trip there. Congratulations and I wish you every success with this book.”

Billy Hopkins (Best Selling author)


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