New book ‘Spanish Fantasy’ nearing completion

My next book entitled ‘Spanish Fantasy’ is a total departure from the previous books I have written which were all about Africa, but there is a similarity, in that ‘Spanish Fantasy’ is fiction based on fact, as I was caught up in the glitzy world of property during the boom years of selling in Spain in the  1980’s.

Horror stories still abound about people who had bad experiences, but I am happy to say that everyone I came into contact with during those years are still enjoying their dream homes in the sun.  It is a pity that the media only seem to write about people who have experienced disasters, as the vast majority of people I know who bought in Spain have no problems.

‘Spanish Fantasy’ is a light-hearted story based on the lives of several English people who became Agents for Developers in the sale of property in Spain’s jet setting Costa del sol during the halcyon days of the property boom in the early 1980’s

Flushed with success and earning mega bucks, they become caught up in life in the fast lane of super cars, five-star hotels, champagne breakfasts, beach parties and the adulation of their clients, many of whom bought villas because they were fascinated by the exciting image created by these glamorous sales people.

‘Spanish Fantasy’ takes a peep behind the scenes revealing the true stories of the men and women who on the surface seemed relaxed and affluent whilst accompanying clients on inspection trips to view properties, not only in popular Marbella, but also East of Malaga including Nerja, Torrox, La Herradura and beautiful Granada.

I hope my book will appeal to, not only those people who purchased property  on the Costa del sol in Spain, but also to those people who would like to walk down memory lane and know how it was in the 1980’s.

More news in my next blog!



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South Africa in the news

South Africa is very much in the news mainly due to the world cup looming on the horizon.  There have been various documentaries shown on television about what is happening now in South Africa, but not many about how it was in the years of apartheid.

Having lived in Cape Town and Johannesburg in the years of apartheid, I have first hand experience of how it was in those days for English speaking South Africans, Afrikaaners and the many coloured races.  This prompted me to write my book entitled Tears of Shame which is fiction based on fact. 

Tears of Shame is now ready for publication and like my recently published book entitled Two Shades of Black is controversial, offering a first person authenticity and historical accuracy told in the eyes of a young coloured maid.

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The London Book Fair

I shall be attending the London Book Fair taking place at Earls Court between Monday 19th April and Wednesday 21st April next where my book entitled Two Shades of Black  will be on display in the New Title Showcase at the entrance to Earls Court.

I shall be available to talk to literary agents, publishers and the media at this prestigious event as I have two more books now ready for publication:

Tears of Shame set in apartheid South Africa

Le Petit Bateau a true account of yachting trip from England, through the canals to Southern Spain.

Eugenie C Smith (Mrs)  email:

                                               tele:     +44(0)1268 685273

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‘Tears of Shame’ near completion

My latest novel entitled ‘Tears of Shame’ is nearing completion.  Again, like all my books, it is based on fact as I lived in South Africa at the time of apartheid for six years. 

The story tells of a young coloured girl who works as a maid to an English speaking South African family in the 1970’s and becomes involved with the son of the family she is working for and eventually has his child.  In those days when it was forbidden for white people to mix with coloured people this raises many problems.

The book portrays the problems experienced by both white and coloured people in the days of apartheid and leading on to the 1990’s when the child is in her teens and the apartheid regime has been lifted only raising different problems.

The book will be of interest to everyone who would like to know about how it was in South Africa during the apartheid years and the change which took place in the country in post apartheid years.

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‘Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat’ ready for publication

A true account of a trip made by my husband and I from England, through the French Canals and onto Spain in our 33′ yacht is now complete.

It is a light hearted book, illustrated with authentic photos outlining many amusing happenings as well as some frightening experiences e.g. when our engine failed crossing the notorious Gulf of Lion between France and Spain.  We were left tossing around in a rough sea and were nearly run down by a huge cargo ship.  We eventually drifted into a small island off Port Ligat and found ourselves in a naturist area which was once the home of Salvador Dali, the famous Spanish painter.

The book will be of interest to those with a spirit of adventure who would like to learn how it is possible to make such a journey and to those people who are interested in France and Spain, as interspersed in the book are descriptions of the history of the many places we visited.

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Favourable critique from Writers’ Literary Agency USA

The intended market for “Two Shades of Black” is the public in general worldwide as racism is very much in the public domain at the moment and also for students wishing to know about the problems of racism during the time of the rioting in the USA and the Biafran war in Nigeria.  I do feel that this can have mass appeal.

Overall I enjoyed this material.  Paul is a fascinating and well rounded character.  The readers will love watching him as this storyline evolves and progresses.   The ending is perfect. 

I do feel that this  is well thought out and well paced.    Many readers will be able to relate to this book on a personal level.  I feel that it has potential for success.  I do wish you luck.

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Farewell to Beloved Country

A double page spread with the above title was published in the South Wales Argus, Gwent on December 2nd 2009  outlining Eugenie’s departure from a small village in Gwent to Nigeria, West Africa in the late 195o’s.

The feature writer spoke to Eugenie about her interesting life and portrayed this in 1,500 words in the article.  He commented on the fact that she had witnessed apartheid , seen the New York ghettos and has dealt with the difficult subject of race in three of her books entitled Between Two Worlds published in America in 1967 and now being republished, Two Shades of Black also published in America in August 2009 and available on and finally her latest book which is nearing completion entitled Tears of Shame set in South Africa during the years of apartheid.

The heading Farewell to Beloved Country signifies Eugenie’s departure from writing about Africa where she spent ten years of her life, as she is now devoting her time to writing on a lighter vein.  Her book entitled Le Petit Bateau is next to be published and is a light hearted account of her trip from England, across the English Channel, through the French Canals to Southern Spain together with her husband in their 33′ yacht.   She is then following on with a novel about the glitzy world of the eighties, following the life of the young men and women who joined the world of the property boom in Marbella.  Her book is entitled Spanish Fantasy.


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