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From Books to Film

Following publication of five books, it is a natural progression for Eugenie to become involved in the world of film and she has now joined the marketing team for a slate of feature films by Raya Films

Raya Films’ debut feature Do Something, Jake will premiere initially at the Odeon Cinema, Loughborough, Leicestershire in September, 2018 followed by screenings in London and New York. All details and dates will appear on the Official Website in the coming weeks.

“Having been involved in publicising my own writing work for many years through public speaking, exhibitions, traditional press, and now social media, working in film presents new challenges, but also many possibilities to use my background and experience.”

Eugenie heads up the Midlands (UK) marketing push for Do Something, Jake and other films on the Raya Films’ roster, including Agent Kelly, whilst New York publicist, Kelly Carthens, of ‘Mizz Kelly PR’ covers the USA.

“Raya Films has developed a strong women-in-film team,” says Raya Films’ director, James Smith, “not through any intended effort, but simply because we work with people who have the talent and can sustain the knocks – often, they just happen to be women.”


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Success of travel trilogy inspires further memoirs

I have been delighted by the response to my three travel memoirs since publication some years ago. The experiences of my husband, Brian, and myself – sailing through France in the 1980s, selling property, sailing in Spain, and promoting music and films in the Caribbean – were the inspiration for the three books. I am pleased that so many people have enjoyed reading about our adventures during those days.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 08.59.14

During the 1960s/1970s, Brian worked as an engineer. His work took him to various countries around the world, including Africa. I accompanied him to Nigeria, West Africa where we lived for five years at the tail end of the colonial period, returning to England at intervals for three months’ home leave. Following Nigeria, we lived in Torquay, Devon, England prior to spending two years in America, where my first book entitled Between Two Worlds was published. Our travels then continued, this time to the Republic of South Africa, where Brian was employed as a Satellite Tracking Engineer (NASA) near Johannesburg for three years, before moving to the beautiful city of Cape Town to enjoy a further two years.

Eugenie (bottom, 1st left) and Brian Smith (top, second from left)

West Africa. Eugenie (bottom row, 1st left) and Brian Smith (top row, arms folded)

The success of my light-hearted trilogy of travel memoirs in later years has inspired me to write about the early days of our travel adventures throughout Africa. Entitled Remembering Africa, and soon to be published, I hope will give my readers as much pleasure.

In the meantime, Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat, Vino Tinto, Villas & Sailing, Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados are available in paperback or Kindle formats via Amazon

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Trilogy of Travel Memoirs Makes Good Holiday Reading

Motoring through the French Canals in the eighties and then sailing and working in Spain were great experiences, which I have enjoyed sharing with my readers over the past few years.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 08.59.14

Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados (#1 Amazon Best Seller) is the last in the trilogy and proving to be very popular. I endeavoured to capture the magic of the beautiful island of Barbados, bringing back memories revealed in the following extract from the book:

Making our way to the beach, we sat on two abandoned chairs. Another, beautiful, sultry, balmy evening. The heat of the day was fading as yachts bobbed at anchor, making us feel very nostalgic about our yachting days gone by. A few beach vendors were busily dismantling their stalls, which had been set up in the shade of the palm trees. In the distance, the sound of melodic steel drums.

On the horizon, the golden sun slowly began to dip…

The song, Sunset Tonight, from the album, Ghost of the Wind, by The James Ryan Project captures the atmosphere of this magical tropical island – the lyrics adding romanticism to the finale of this book

I am pleased that so many people from various parts of the world have enjoyed reading the experiences that my husband and I enjoyed whilst sailing and working in France, Spain, and the Caribbean.

I am now writing about our experiences in Africa and news of this work will of course be published on this blog.

Eugenie C Smith (Mrs)

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African Trilogy

Following the success of my trilogy of travel memoirs, which have reached #1 in the Kindle Amazon Best Sellers rankings (Vin Rouge Fiestas and a Small BoatVino Tinto, Villas and SailingRum Fun and Sun in Barbados), a trilogy of memoirs entitled Remembering Africa (Nigeria 1958-1962); (Johannesburg 1970-1973), and; Cape Town 1973-1976)’ will soon be published.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 08.59.14

In the field of ‘fiction based on fact’, my book, Tears of Shame (based on experiences of the apartheid years spent in South Africa) will also be published to complement Two Shades of Black, which is set in America during the Civil War and in Nigeria at the time of the Biafran war.

Please keep watching this website, Twitter, and my Amazon Author Page for more details.

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‘Vin Rouge’ continues to attract sales and good reviews!

Another Five Star review for my first book in the trilogy, Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat: Through the French Canals to Spain

“Loved this book-want more like it!” Mrs Jennifer Rowland

Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat: Through the French Canals to Spain

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The French Village Diaries review Vin Rouge

The enthusiasts of everything French at website The French Village Diaries have posted a review of Vin Rouge, Fiestas, and A Small Boat, so be sure to check out their site and read the review

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Vin Rouge is a Kindle Best Seller!

I’m delighted to announce that Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat is number 1  in the Kindle charts for Travel > France!

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #3,768 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > Travel > Continental Europe > France
#4 in Books > Travel & Holiday > Countries & Regions > Europe > France
#16 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > Travel > Essays & Travelogues

Thanks to everyone that has bought the book and helped to make it a success.  Click the image below for details of the book and how to buy!

Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat

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