About the Author

Eugenie C Smith was born in Cheshire, England, and moved to West Africa in the 1960’s where her husband worked as a design engineer.  The African culture and political environment inspired her to write her first novel, Between Two Worlds, which was first published in America when she moved there with her husband and family in 1967.

Her travels continued to Johannesburg and Cape Town in 1970’s apartheid South Africa, where family and work made for a busy life.  A return to England saw the development of her career in the fields of charity, overseas property, and marketing.  But writing was never too far away, and further novel ideas evolved, including Two Shades of Black, a powerful story born of her experiences in Africa.

The family’s involvement in sailing provided more inspiration for writing.  The lighthearted and highly successful memoir, Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat, captures the essence of Eugenie’s humorous, observational style in an account of a sailing trip through the French canals to Spain.  An Amazon Number 1 Bestseller, ‘Vin Rouge’ forms part of a trilogy, Eugenie having now penned two sequels, Vino Tinto, Villas and Sailing and Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados.

Eugenie is now a member of the Raya Films marketing team (UK) and instrumental in the realisation and promotion of Do Something, Jake