Trilogy of Travel Memoirs Makes Good Holiday Reading

Motoring through the French Canals in the eighties and then sailing and working in Spain were great experiences, which I have enjoyed sharing with my readers over the past few years.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 08.59.14

Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados (#1 Amazon Best Seller) is the last in the trilogy and proving to be very popular. I endeavoured to capture the magic of the beautiful island of Barbados, bringing back memories revealed in the following extract from the book:

Making our way to the beach, we sat on two abandoned chairs. Another, beautiful, sultry, balmy evening. The heat of the day was fading as yachts bobbed at anchor, making us feel very nostalgic about our yachting days gone by. A few beach vendors were busily dismantling their stalls, which had been set up in the shade of the palm trees. In the distance, the sound of melodic steel drums.

On the horizon, the golden sun slowly began to dip…

The song, Sunset Tonight, from the album, Ghost of the Wind, by The James Ryan Project captures the atmosphere of this magical tropical island – the lyrics adding romanticism to the finale of this book

I am pleased that so many people from various parts of the world have enjoyed reading the experiences that my husband and I enjoyed whilst sailing and working in France, Spain, and the Caribbean.

I am now writing about our experiences in Africa and news of this work will of course be published on this blog.

Eugenie C Smith (Mrs)


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