Trilogy complete!


At last my travel memoir trilogy is complete, and hopefully just in time to tempt my readers to purchase the trilogy for Christmas.   When I embarked on writing the books about our travels through France, Spain, and the Caribbean, it was my intention to bring some sunshine into the lives of those wishing to escape the winter weather.  Vin Rouge, Fiestas and a Small Boat (of interest for lovers of France and Spain) was a surprise success when launched last year, and became an Amazon number 1 bestseller.  This was followed by Vino Tinto, Villas and Sailing (of interest to lovers of Spain), published this year, and also proved to be very popular.

IMAG1550The last in the trilogy is Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados (Adventures in Caribbean Paradise).  This has been met with similar enthusiasm by readers, and to my delight, went straight to number 12 in the Amazon bestseller list.  I very much enjoyed writing these lighthearted memoirs and reminiscing, not only about the travel to beautiful areas of France, Spain, Florida and the Caribbean, but also about the many characters that my husband, Brian, and I met whilst running our overseas property business.  One of the most memorable occasions whilst penning Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados was meeting with the charismatic windsurfer, Brian Talma, a professional sportsman who also happens to be a talented artist and musician.  We first met Brian at DoverBeach not far from the popular St. Lawrence Gap area in the Parish of Christ Church.  We realised he must be very popular when we hired two beach chairs and enquired as to his whereabouts.  “Hey, who doesn’t know Brian Talma?” the beach vendor said.  Brian Talma and his son arrived shortly after and entertained us providing an impressive windsurfing demonstration in the waves.

Looking ahead, my next trilogy is under way and draws on researched undertaken during the ten years we lived and worked in West and South Africa.  The first in the trilogy, Two Shades of Black (historical fiction), is available in paperback and for download on Amazon.


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