My new book available on Kindle now!

My new book ‘Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados: Adventures in Caribbean Paradise’ is available on Kindle now.  Links to the UK and USA versions below.  More links to the paperback and other sites online soon!

Rum, Fun and Sun in BarbadosRum, Fun and Sun in Barbados is the final book in Eugenie’s lighthearted trilogy, a series of delightful tales spanning her travel adventures in France, Spain, Florida, and the Caribbean with her husband, Brian.  In Rum, Fun and Sun in Barbados, Eugenie and Brian continue their activities in the now dwindling Spanish property market, but inspired by a visit to Barbados on a Caribbean cruise, a love affair with the ‘happy isle’ and its loveable people begins.  Back to business, Eugenie and Brian escort a range of gregarious, ultimately likeable, characters to the heat of Andalucía to show properties, including two gentlemen from a pop band seeking a retreat away from touring.

The visits to Barbados continue, and a plan is hatched to mix business and pleasure – to market property on the island.  In this new pursuit, they encounter many diverse and lively Bajan people, from crazy taxi drivers and polo-playing property developers, to loveable hoteliers and energetic surfers.

With a son and daughter-in-law involved in music and film, Eugenie and Brian help to promote their creative ventures in Barbados.  These efforts are met in warm measure by the laidback, yet wholly positive islanders.

They swim in the warm Caribbean waters, savour rum punches, and immerse themselves in the heady, intoxicating music and culture that is the heartbeat of Barbados.  They gaze at the setting sun, a pastime that becomes significant as they reflect on their rich experiences, and look ahead with smiles as content as those of the Bajan people.

Buy the ebook!

Amazon Kindle (UK)

Amazon Kindle (USA)


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