TWO SHADES OF BLACK now available on Kindle

Just a few years ago the way we read books changed with the launch of the first e-book whereby readers could download and read electronic versions of books.

Today technology has moved even further and a device called a Kindle has developed –  a wireless reading device made and sold by Amazon which  interfaces with Amazon’s online store.  Because the Kindle is wireless it can be accessed without connecting the device to a computer  Therefore, you can buy and download electronic books wherever a WIFI signal is available.

This wonderful device was not available when my book entitled Two Shades of Black was published  in August 2009 and was made available on   Now it is also available on Kindle on  and it can be down loaded for the price of just £2.10

The high contrast screen on the Kindle device makes the print as legible as though you are reading the pages of a printed book so there is no need to look for shade in order to see the print clearly.  Instead of packing and searching for suitable books to take on holiday, just take your Kindle and it will hold as many titles as you will need.

This is a first class reading device which is definitely here to stay so I hope those readers who have enjoyed reading Two Shades of Black will look out for my next book entitled Tears of Shame which will also be available on Kindle very soon.

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