What Makes a Good Writer

I have recently been asked What Makes a Good Writer?

My assessment of a good writer is that he or she must have experience in the subject they are writing about.   Qualifications can be important, as written English is essential.   However, experience of life in general helps considerably.

Many people say I’ve got a book inside me and many think that their particular book is bound to be a best seller, but alas in order to reach publication, a lot of hard work and luck is needed.

A good writer, therefore, must be tenacious, imaginative and very patient if he is to find the publisher who likes his work.

Living and working in foreign countries as I have done over the years is a distinct advantage, but most of all good writers must love and be dedicated to their work so that it is a labour of love and not purely for monetary gain.

Good luck to all writers in 2011



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