Apartheid Years in South Africa brilliantly portrayed

Having lived in South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town) during the years of apartheid,  I was extremely impressed by the performance of Sophie Okonedo in the role of a dark skinned girl who was born to white Afrikaner parents in the film entitled Skin.  I was very surprised though that such an excellent film was shown on BBC2 so late at night.  This film was surely worthy of prime time  television.

My book entitled Tears of Shame due for publication is based on fact drawn from experiences and the people I met during five years of living in South Africa during those years of apartheid.   It highlights the suffering of many dark skinned people and shows the difference in how a mere crossing into Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) at Beit Bridge could make a difference to dark skinned people who were allowed to mix freely with white people in Rhodesia.

More details about my two books entitled Tears of Shame and Two Shades of Black can be seen by scrolling down this page and other comments about racism are in the previous blogs.

Well done to Sophia Okonedo for her brilliant performance.



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