New book ‘Spanish Fantasy’ nearing completion

My next book entitled ‘Spanish Fantasy’ is a total departure from the previous books I have written which were all about Africa, but there is a similarity, in that ‘Spanish Fantasy’ is fiction based on fact, as I was caught up in the glitzy world of property during the boom years of selling in Spain in the  1980’s.

Horror stories still abound about people who had bad experiences, but I am happy to say that everyone I came into contact with during those years are still enjoying their dream homes in the sun.  It is a pity that the media only seem to write about people who have experienced disasters, as the vast majority of people I know who bought in Spain have no problems.

‘Spanish Fantasy’ is a light-hearted story based on the lives of several English people who became Agents for Developers in the sale of property in Spain’s jet setting Costa del sol during the halcyon days of the property boom in the early 1980’s

Flushed with success and earning mega bucks, they become caught up in life in the fast lane of super cars, five-star hotels, champagne breakfasts, beach parties and the adulation of their clients, many of whom bought villas because they were fascinated by the exciting image created by these glamorous sales people.

‘Spanish Fantasy’ takes a peep behind the scenes revealing the true stories of the men and women who on the surface seemed relaxed and affluent whilst accompanying clients on inspection trips to view properties, not only in popular Marbella, but also East of Malaga including Nerja, Torrox, La Herradura and beautiful Granada.

I hope my book will appeal to, not only those people who purchased property  on the Costa del sol in Spain, but also to those people who would like to walk down memory lane and know how it was in the 1980’s.

More news in my next blog!



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